Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A new home for your clutter - on stage!

This is an appeal for help, but it does belong happily in a blog about decluttering.

My lovely friend Lou, who I'm privileged to have shared a stage with, is involved with the splendid (and wonderfully named) Hocus Pocus Theatre Company. They are putting out a call for various props needed for their next production; so if you've anything on this list that's getting in your way, you could do a big favour all round!

If you can help, visit their contact page for details and get in touch with Hocus Pocus direct.

Norwich based Theatre Company looking for props and set for forthcoming work - CAN YOU HELP?

Below is a list of items and descriptions that we are currently attempting to source for a project we are putting together over the summer. Maybe you have a garage or loft full of things you no longer have the need for, perhaps you don't have the time to sift through them or arrange for them to be taken to charity... most of the items we are looking for are general household things. Condition is not necessarily the most important thing, for some items the older and more well loved the better! Help us turn your unwanted items into something magical!

The items are as follows:
  • Wooden hat/coat stand
  • Old fabric Union Jack flag (the tattier the better!)
  • Pre-1950s double door wooden wardrobe
  • Wooden cabinets/bookshelves/cupboards
  • Kitchen utensils - especially enamel and copper (any condition)
  • Cutlery - old battered silver preferably (really don't have to be in good condition as will not be used to eat with)
  • Wooden washboard (any condition)
  • Tin Bath (any size, any condition)
  • Jug and Bowl set (preferably enamel, if such a thing even exists!)
  • Patchwork quilts/blankets
  • Gramophone Horn
  • Persian style Rugs - as battered and threadbare as possible if not we have ways of aging them.
  • Kitchen/dining chairs - old/wooden/battered/pre 1970s if possible
  • Children's furniture - esp wooden chairs/writing desk/school desk
  • Wooden Dressing table - pre 1960s (any condition)
  • Trunks/Old suitcases - pre 1960s (any condition - don't even need to be opened)
  • Old Bikes/bike wheels
  • Pre 1950s china - any condition
  • Grandfather clock parts - esp face and pendulum
  • Junk brass/metal pipes/engineering parts/temp gauges etc
  • Rope - thick, any condition
Phew! If anyone can help us out or knows of anyone else who might be able to then please get in contact or indeed pass our contact details on. We will be performing this piece from September, details as yet to be announced but in the meantime please feel free to browse our website and see what we're all about!

Many thanks,

Hocus Pocus Theatre x

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