Tuesday 7 November 2017

Hidden treasure

A recent session with a client involved sorting through several large boxes and bags of paperwork - scooped up from car or house and dumped 'to sort later' over a period of some months (possibly years). One box yielded all the good things shown in this photograph: £25, €50, £22 in valid Tesco vouchers, and several usable first and second class stamps.

Not to mention two in-date gift vouchers for meals in favourite Norfolk restaurants, a probably-valid £20 gift card for Amazon, two more store gift cards and three Oyster cards which may have credit on them (all still to be checked) - and finally, a brand-new-in-packet 8GB SD card for her camera.

What treasures might you have buried under the useless receipts and old bank statements?? Get in touch today if you would welcome some help getting started...

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