Saturday 8 October 2016

So happy to help

It's a real delight when a client sends feedback like this. And it's a pleasure and a privilege when what is needed and what I can offer coincide so well.

"Thanks for your email and the attachments. You were worth every single penny.

It was a real honour and quite amazing to have you going through my Stuff with me yesterday, and I noticed I got quicker at deciding what to hurl or keep as we went along. Thank you also for cooking lunch and talking to me about the Cooking and Nurturing Food Thing! I had clearly been trying to go about things the wrong way round, both with clutter/storage and my general approach to the diet and life I deserve - which was a great learning curve for me.

After you left, I went straight out and bought salad + stir-fry vegetables and had a bit of a cook-up for lunch today, eating mindfully. Soooo satisfying! It was all very very helpful - physically, mentally and emotionally - and yes, I slept an untroubled long sleep after a gorgeous warm shower. I'm very much calmer (and less agitated, considering high mood-swing) today. Top stuff, Cassie!

One of the added bonuses was that I was so pleased to wake up today, to a lovely bedroom again, with just little jobs here and there that I know I can manage in minutes or half-hours at a time; every day a little something. I did clear the bedside tables last night and was actually keen to get up and go this morning.

Thanks so much for helping me to be a lot less household-crazy ... and you can quote me on any of this!"

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