Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Seventh Hour

Special announcement about charges for my services follows!

Some of my decluttering-and-organising clients need my services for just the one day. It's quite possible that the ideas, motivation, systems and processes that we can put in place during that day will be sufficient to complete the task in that time, and to keep things on track in the future.

However, it's sometimes that case that help is needed for longer. There may be many years' worth of clutter (especially paper - and we all know how long paper can take to sort out!); a large house with problem areas in many places; or many other reasons for multiple sessions.

If this is the case, the costs can mount up. It's important to do the job thoroughly - if areas are ignored or processes not put in place, the difficulties can return - and there is nothing worse for me than leaving a client knowing that just a few hours' more work would make the difference between a quick-fix and a long-term solution.

That being the case, I'm making a revision to my pricing to reflect this. My hourly rate remains at £40/hour. However, where a client books sessions that accumulate to more than 6 hours, the seventh hour - and of course all subsequent hours - will be charged at a 25% discount (£30/hour). This is conditional on the work being carried out within four weeks of the previous session.

So, for example, if you start with a five-hour day with me, and then take another five-hour session two weeks later, your second bill will include 1 hour at £40, and 4 hours at £30. Another day's booking three weeks later would be charged entirely at £30. However, if you come back to me for further help six months later (perhaps on a different area), the rate will return to £40.

So if you have been fearful of the cost of a long job, fear no longer - and contact me today.