Sunday, 1 January 2012

A very special New Year offer: seven swans can stop paddling

It's time for the January sales: a traditional month for bargains. It's also the time when we look at all the Christmas gifts we've accumulated in our already-cluttered houses, and think: I really should sort this stuff out.

Is that how you're feeling? Is there a sense of new-year-resolution coupled with new-year-blues going on? Do you feel - like the 'seven swans a-swimming' - that you're trying to maintain a sense of outward calm, whilst all the while paddling like **** underneath?!

Could you use some help?

I'm going to offer seven days' decluttering / organising services to seven people for an extraordinary 50% of my usual rates. Seven hours' work would usually cost you £280 at my normal rates; these seven people will receive seven hours of my time each (enough to do some serious sorting out, believe me) at the very special price of £140.

What sort of thing could I help you with?

Your study; your filing system; your wardrobe; your sitting room - any part of your home or workplace that needs a good sorting-out. It doesn't necessarily mean throwing loads of stuff away, either; as you'll see elsewhere on my blog, decluttering is just one part of the organising process - it's often got just as much to do with where and how you keep the stuff you keep as it does with the stuff you dispose of.

What do other people say?

For testimonials, either see my website or visit my page on thebestofnorwich.

Think what a difference it could make to you.

If you think this would be a great way to kick-start your new year, get in touch with me today. Do it soon; there will only be seven of these special days available (limited to one session per person at this special rate). (Oh, and don't forget to mention that it's the 'seven swans' offer that you're responding to.)
  • The dates need to be booked for mutually convenient times during January or February, but this offer will only be available until 31st January 2012.
  • I am normally able to work weekends or evenings if required at no extra charge
  • Mileage charges will apply in addition to the fees above
  • All normal terms & conditions will apply
What are you waiting for? Let's get it sorted ready for 2012!